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Unlimited¹Across the U.S. (including Puerto Rico), Canada, and now, Mexico.

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/month for a full year!
plus taxes and fees
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plus taxes and fees
Free Activation

Plan details

Vonage® North America gives you:

  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • NEW! Unlimited calling to Mexico. Plus Canada & Puerto Rico.
  • Unlimited calling from Mexico with Vonage access numbers See how
  • Link your home phone service and up to two smartphones
  • Save your mobile minutes with free Wi-Fi calling
  • Over 20 premium calling features
  • Keep your number for free
  • Save an average of 39% over competing home phone plan prices offered by traditional phone and cable companies*

* Price comparison based on published monthly recurring charge for unbundled unlimited nationwide calling plans from leading phone and cable providers. Comparison excludes promotional pricing, taxes and fees. Assumes a customer already has high-speed Internet service. Individual savings may vary.

All plans include

  • Our smartphone app lets you answer calls to your home number and make calls from your home number wherever you are
  • Get the same great rates from home or the Vonage® Extensions® app
  • Unlimited¹ calling to everyone who has Vonage
  • The option to keep your current number at no extra charge (where available)
  • More than 20 innovative free features—such as Voicemail Plus—to customize your calling plan
  • A phone number that’s yours for life, even if you move (where available)

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