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Talk and Text for free worldwide with VONAGE


How It Works

Vonage home phone service connects your calls using your high-speed Internet connection, not a traditional phone line, saving you money and giving you more options.


Free Talk & Text

Vonage Mobile® lets you talk and text for FREE with anyone in the world who also has the app. it also supports Bluetooth™.



Vonage offers lower rates than just about every phone company. And if you make long-distance or international calls often, Vonage saves you even more.

We Help You Build Your Own

The Perfect Fit for Your Business

One size fits all is seldom true – especially in business. Vonage provides the flexibility to add features or phone lines as you need them. Combine that with unlimited calling and no long distance charges in the continental U.S. or Canada, and it’s easy to see why a tailored solution from Vonage is the perfect fit. Just add your company number for $9.99 per month along with an Unlimited Extension line, and you’re on your way!

Price Per Extension


/ month / line

Multi-line discounts may apply

Vonage® North America

NEW! Unlimited¹ calling to Mexico

Call landlines & mobiles
Across the U.S. (including Puerto Rico), Canada, and now, Mexico.
Our best international calling rates ever!

12-Month Promotion

$ 9.99

/month for a full year!

plus taxes and fees

Vonage World®

Unlimited calls to landlines in 60 countries

Unlimited talk to more than 60 countries for one low price, with a plan that lets you make and receive calls on your home phone and two smartphones using our app.

6-Month Promotion

$ 9.99

/month for the first 6 months

with One-Year Agreement $27.99 / month
plus taxes and fees

U.S. & Canada 400

Landline and Mobile Icon Call landlines & mobiles 400 Minutes to U.S., Canada & Puerto Rico

Our domestic plan with 400 minutes included per month is a flexible, feature-packed option for home phone service on the cheap, that lets you make and receive calls on your home phone and two smartphones using our app.

One-Year Agreement

$ 12.99

/ month

plus taxes and fees

Easy 3 step Vonage setup

 1). Plug your Vonage Box™ into your existing high-speed Internet connection.

2). Plug any home phone into the Vonage Box™.

3). Pick up your phone and start dialing.

Seriously, it’s that easy.

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